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Periodic Electrical Inspection & Testing

All non-domestic electrical installations should be subject to a regular programme of testing and inspection to comply with current legislation. You must ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the risk of injury or death through electrical failure.

Periodic inspection and testing should be considered if:
It required by a governing body or particular directive (ie Licensing authorities, insurance companies, Landlords etc) There are many good reasons for adopting periodic testing. You may also need to inspect and test to comply with IEE Wiring Regulations or if you have recently acquired ownership or tenancy of business / workplace premises. If you suspect there is a fault or risk of failure, you must take steps to inspect the affected circuits urgently.

Routine Electrical Inspection and Report

Electrical installations should not be left without any attention for the periods of years between formal periodic inspections. Also not everyone may require a formal period inspection; you may wish to choose a less comprehensive routine electrical inspection instead. Typically these are required in the years between periodic inspections to monitor for deterioration, or to asses condition before or after house purchase, or if you know the wiring to be relatively modern and did not require extensive testing.
The following is a list of what is covered in the inspection:

Visual inspection

  • Main protective bonding and earthing
  • Breakage or damage
  • Wear or deterioration
  • Overheating
  • Missing parts
  • Switchgear obstructions
  • Security of enclosures
  • Adequate labeling
  • Loose fittings

Function Test

  • Switchgear
  • Equipment switching
  • Circuit breakers


  • RCD trip times
  • Earthing(lop impedance) and Polarity of ring and radial socket circuits


On completion of the inspection a report will be provided, detailing the condition of the installation, results of tests carried out, any recommendations and clocusions as to the relative safety of the installation.

Full Electrical Periodic Inspection and Testing Report

Please refer to column 3 of the time periods