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Maximum Period between Inspections and Testing

Type of InstallationRoutine CheckMaximum Period between Inspections and Testing as necessaryReference(see notes below)
GeneralDomestic-Change of occupancy or 10yrs
Commercial1 yearChange of occupancy or 5yrs1,2
Educational Establishments4 months5 years1,2
Hospitals1 year5 years1,2
Industrial1 year3 years1,2
Residential Accommodationat change of occupancy/1 year5 years1
Offices1 year5 years1,2
Shops1 year5 years1,2
Laboratories1 year5 years1,2
Buildings Open To the publicCinemas1 year3 years2,6,7
Church Installations1 year5 years2
Leisure Complexes(excluding swimming pools)1 year3 years1,2,6
Places of Public1 year3 years1,2,6
Entertainment1 year5 years1,2,6
Restaurants and Hotels1 year3 years2,6,7
Theatres1 year5 years1,2,6
Public Houses/Village Halls/Community Centres1 year5 years1,2
Special InstallationsAgricultural and Horticultural1 year3 years1,2
Caravans1 year3 years
Caravan Parks6 months1 year1,2,6
Highway Power Supliesas convenient6 years
Marinas4 months1 year1,2
Fish Farms4 months1 year1,2
Swimming Pools4 months1 year1,2,6
Emergency LightingDay/monthly3 years2,3,4
Fire AlarmsDaily/weekly/montly1 year2,4,5
Launderettes1year1 year1,2,6
Petrol Filling Stations1 year1 year2,6
Construction Site Installations3 months3 months1,2
Reference Key
1. Particular attention must be taken to comply with S1 1988 No. 1057. The Electricity Supply Regulations 1988 (as amended).
2. S1 1989 No. 635. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (Regulation 4 & Memorandum).
3. See BS 5266: Part 1: 1988 Code of Practice for the emergency lighting of premises other than cinemas and certain other specified premises used for entertainment.
4. Other intervals are recommended for testing operation of batteries and generators.
5. See BS 5839: Part 1: 1988 Code of Practice for system design installation and servicing (Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings).