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Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Henry Treadwell has been involved with the design and installation of fire alarm systems for many years. Installing many types of systems, small and large, for:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Small hotels and guest houses
  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)
  • Workshops
  • Printers
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings

Fire Alarm Maintenance

To comply with Health and Safety Regulations it is most important to ensure your fire alarm equipment is regularly serviced. Under current British standards it is a requirement to have at least two service visits per year, but preferable to have four quarterly visits.

We are able to offer maintenance agreements to suit your needs. These can also include emergency lighting where applicable.

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance (BS5839: Part 1:2002 )

This is split into parts that you can do and parts that must be conducted by a ‘competent’ Person or maintenance Contractor. Headings in Green can be done by you. We can assist with the items in Red

Daily Inspection

Check that Fire alarm panel mains light is on. Inspect for any fault indicator showing or fire alarm sounder operating. Inform the designated responsible person of any fault with the fire alarm system.

Weekly Fire Alarm Test

Operate a fire alarm call point or detector to test the system. Ensure that all indicators show by resetting according to the instructions provided with the panel and check that the internal sounder operates. Check that the sounders operate. Reset the fire alarm panel. Each week choose a different zone in rotation, so that way all call points are tested in rotation. Check all fare alarm call points and detectors and ensure that none are obstructed in any way. Enter results of tests into log book.

Quarterly Test

Check all previous log book entries and clarify that any remedial action has been taken. Check the battery and its connections. 25% of the detection devices to be tested. We will also ask if there have been any alterations to the building or it’s use. This is important as it may alter the way in which escape routes or the fire alarm system need to operate.

Annual Test

Carry out tests as detailed above.

All detection devices must be tested annually. By checking 25% of the detection every three months you can be absolutely certain even in the worst case scenario the fire alarm will still operate.

We never compromise on your safety.

Ever 2-3 years Clean smoke detectors to ensure correct operation and freedom from false alarms. Special equipment is required for cleaning smoke detectors.

Every 3 years Replace sealed lead acid batteries

If you do not already have one, we will provide you with a system log book. This will help to record your weekly fire alarm tests. It also assists us when we complete any work to the alarm or conduct the quarterly inspection visit.

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