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Yattenden School, Redhill. The main switchgear had been condemned during an electrical inspection. The project was planned several months in advance. We made several visits to site with the switchgear manufacturers to ensure that everything was designed and built correctly. All work was done over the Easter Holiday to minimise disruption to the School. In the end the power was off for less 36 hours.

The old switchgear was located in a boiler room. A brick wall was also obstructing acces. In order to dismantle the old unit and then install the new gear the wall had to be demolished and a retaining pillar constructed. All cables were carefully disconnected and labeled ready for later reconnection.

With the old unit removed the new one could be installed. Weighing the best part of a tonne and having to be moved mostly by hand into the final position. With the new switchgear in position all the cables could be reconnected and tested. Total power downtime was less than 36 hours.

The new switchgear much safer and more user friendly. Modern circuit breakers had replaced fuses. All switches fitted with engraved signs to clearly identify their function. Due to it’s construction it is impossible to reach any live parts without removing at least two panels. Energy meters fitted to conform to Part L building regulations also allow the School to check the power used much more easily.

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